Despite the fact we spend more than 40 hours per week working, the environment in which we spend this time can often be disregarded! Despite the fact studies continue to show the tidier the space the more productive you can be, this working environment can often be a chaotic space.

Clutter such as stacks of stationary and files don’t only detract for your workspaces aesthetic feel, but they can also hinder your organisational skills. As it will for many, if this sounds like you, we have compiled a list of ways in which you can maximise the space on your desk in turn helping your productivity.

Office desk minimum size
If your current desk space is less than miniscule, you may find yourself asking if this is even legal in the UK? However, unfortunately for you and your postage stamp sized desk, there is no minimum requirement on the area around your desk in the UK. In addition to this, there is also no regulation on the size of your desk itself.

So, how exactly can I make the most of the space I do have?
Whether you want to declutter or you’re simply stuck with the smallest desk in the office, we have a few tricks that can help you make the most of your space. Here are our top tips on staying organised and keeping your desk tidy.

  1. Maximise your storage: if going fully digital isn’t an option for you, it is important your paperwork is kept at bay. Make the most of a trusty set of drawers to ensure you’re enjoying a clutter free zone.
  2. Clear out the clutter, daily: instead of waiting for the stacks of files and magazines to become unmanageable, remove anything unwanted from your desk at the end of each day.
  3. Cable control: keep all the wires under your desk together and under control. If you let this become unmanageable, valuable space will be eaten into.
  4. Go wireless: having a wireless mouse and keyboard is our ultimate top tip in controlling cables. By going wireless where you can, you will minimise the number of wires to start with.
  5. How much are you actually using your desk phone? If you only occasionally make a call from your desk phone, ask your line manager if you can remove it completely.
  6. A pack of desk wipes wouldn’t go a-miss: by removing those stubborn coffee stains with wipes can help your desk feel fresh. Not to mention removing unwanted germs.

How should I decorate my desk to make it feel larger?

Due to the large number of hours spent at your desk, it is good for morale to add your own personal touches. This can improve your mindset and help keep you organised. Here are some quick ways you can give any desk that personalised touch in a space saving way:
Use wall hangings on desk dividers to hang photos instead of them taking up room on the desk surface itself.
Buy colourful stationary. This provides a feel good factor as well as it being handy to identify any stationary thieves.
Miniature plants make great additions to the void of space under your computer’s screen.
Your mug is part of you. Swap that boring mug for something quirky. Hey, if it matched your stationary that would be even cooler!
Use cushions on your office chair to add comfort as well as style.

Spending more than 40 hours a week in a chaotic mindset due to your environment is far from productive, for your work or for your health. However, with these top tips, hopefully you can improve your workspace to a clean, clutter-free and stylish work zone.