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Enterprise Spaces is serving the Local Crewe Community.
We have office spaces available to cover all your business requirements.
Whether you’re an existing business looking to expand or a new start-up we have the office solution for you.

Or alternatively, if you are only looking for a one off meeting space, you can hire a room to hold weekly meetings or presentations.
We focus on high quality office space and meeting rooms with all the necessary amenities that make a difference to your day to day business operation.

We have been involved in the Crewe community for a number of years and offer a range of furnished office spaces for all your business needs.

Facilities & Services In Crewe

Crewe Population

The most recent census places the Population of Crewe at 74,240. City Population has a full breakdown of the demographics of the populous.

Crewe Transportation Connections

Crewe is home to one of the world’s most historically significant railway stations. Serving as a rail gateway for North West England since it opened in 1837.
Today the train station and local bus services provide an excellent level of connectivity for Crewe and surrounding areas.

Crewe Local Authorities

Crewe Town Council was formed in April 2013 following a referendum. The people of Crewe are represented by 20 Town Councillors who were elected in May 2019 to serve a four year term.

This council falls under the area council Cheshire East

Crewe Surrounding Areas & Developments

Crewe Outline Villages & Towns

Crewe has a large number of surrounding towns and villages with a rich history.

From the network of canals spanning across cheshire to Macclesfields famous Treacle Market, there is a plethora of attractions and towns worth visiting.

Recent Redevelopments in Crewe

Crewe has plenty of re-developments planned from 2020 onwards. Including a regeneration of the Town Centre with plans for both the Royal Arcade and the Market Hall.

Crewe University

Crewe is home to the Crewe Design & Engineering UTC

Crewe Business Centres, Events & B2B Conferences

There are various networking and business events, in and around the Crewe area. Details of which can be found on the Eventbrite website and on Crewe Arms Hotel.

Crewe Businesses, Services & News

Crewe has a wide variety of businesses covering a large number of different industry sectors.

Crewe is most famously home to the Bentley Production facilities.

Further Information On This Location

Additional Attractions In Crewe


Crewe has many additional attraction which are worth visiting at some point during your time here.

The Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker is a former government-owned nuclear bunker located at Hack Green, Cheshire, England.

Queens Park is a family-friendly park inside a housing area, featuring a band stand, flower garden and play area.

Queens Park in Crewe, Cheshire, is a Grade II* listed public park opened in 1887, little changed from its original plan.

Crewe Heritage Centre is a railway museum located in Crewe, England. Managed by the Crewe Heritage Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there on site parking?

There is an allocation of parking spaces depending on the size of the private office you are renting. Additional spaces can be purchased, there is also a variety of close by 24/7 parking.

Is there 24/7 access?

Please discuss with your office manager concerning access to your floor and your office areas.

Can I hire a meeting room?

Yes, we have a wide selection of rooms to hire from interview & conference rooms to general client based meeting rooms.

Can I upgrade?

Yes, our flexible office spaces have options to increase or descrease staffing capacity as required. Please dicuss with your dedicated manager to ensure seemless transition.

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